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Sister Shops is a series of blog posts to highlight other brands we really dig. We feel like if Sunnie Hunnies was a person these are the like-minded brands that would be her besties.

The first brand we are most excited to feature is Indy & Pippa Co. The founder Haley Ring is a groovy gal that we are lucky to call our friend. She is one of those people that from the moment you meet her, you feel like you have known her for years!  She is mama to the two most adorable girls who also happen to be the inspiration for the name of her company too, Indy and Pippa. 

As bright and fun and happy as her girls are, all of the products available through Indy & Pippa Co. are equally as full of sunshine and girl power. Think playful prints splashed across everything from baby and toddler bows to kids play clothes, to beachy wall art and prints to bedding. There is no end to the fun you can splash into your lives with Indy & Pippa Co.

We caught up with Haley and the girls for a beach day and they were so much fun running those cute little bums around in their little swimsuits. Pippa was rolling in the waves in full mermaid mode many of them pummeling her in the face all while she just laughed and laughed. Indy said her “kini”(bikini) was her favorite and invited us to come get pizza with her after about 5 min of playing together.

Thanks Indy & Pippa (and Haley too) for making us smile big time.


Sunnie Hunnies


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