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DIY Yarn Tassel with @TheClutteredWall

We are so excited that we were able to sit down with Samantha Maccarthy of The Cluttered Wall for a fun little DIY project you can do at home with your kids this summer. But before we dive into that we want to introduce Samantha and her shop .
The Cluttered Wall is an Etsy shop that specializes in fiber art, laser cuts, wall hangings, and pillows. Definitely check out her Etsy or her website for lots of baby’s nursery must- haves. Her Baby Mobiles are one of our favorites!!
Samantha (the founder and owner) is endlessly creative. Crafts aren’t the only things Samantha is good at making...her baby boy named Malcolm is pretty darn perfect too and has a smile that is to die for.
She sat down with us to give a fun summer activity that you can do with all of your family that will make your beach bag that much cuter and below is everything you need to know about how to make this at home this summer.
DIY Yarn Tassel with
What You will need:
  • 3-4 different yarns in a variety of colors and textures
  • Round Wooden Beads
  • Scissors
  • A small piece of cardboard
  • Lobster Clasp or Key Ring (available at all craft stores)
  • Needle with a very large eye
    **Important Note #1- Please Keep Wooden Beads Away from Babies
    **Important Note #2- Turns out babies are actually terrible crafters, don’t say we didn’t warn you
    Step #1 - Pick your colors you, want a variety of textures and widths to make the tassel more interesting
    Step #2 Determine the desired length of your tassel. Ours is going on a bag that is 10” so we decided to make our about 5.5” long. Trim your cardboard to that length
    Step #3 Tape one end of the first color of yarn to the end of the cardboard and start wrapping around the cardboard in a circular motion
    Step # 4- Repeat with all colors of yarn allowing them to overlap. There is no specific amount of yarn to use per color just add more of your favorites. If one of your yarns is very thick use less of that one.
    Step #5 Allow your baby to hold the yarn for you. This may or may not actually be helpful.
    Step # 6 Untangle the yarn your baby has probably just tangled up for you.
    Step # 7 Once all of your yarn is wrapped cut a small piece of yarn about 6-8” in length. Loop it under all of your yarn on the cardboard and tie it in a knot.
    Step #8 After tying the 6-8” piece onto your yarn loop, trim the opposite side of the yarn to release it from the cardboard.
    Step # 9 After cutting to remove the cardboard it should look like this. Re-center the tie to be in the middle and fluff the tassel to even the spacing of the colors.
    **Also baby may be interested in “helping” you fluff the tassel. You may choose to allow them to do this but they will prob ruin it because, again, they are actually terrible crafters. See Images below.
    Step #10 After cutting and fluffing your tassel and repairing whatever damage baby did to it, fold it in half and trim the ends to be more even.
    Step # 11 The Finishing knot (the hardest part)-
    • Cut a section of yarn about 18” in length.


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