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Our Favorite Reasons Gardening with Kids is Awesome with @Jadefetterolf

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Gardening With Little Ones? Sure It Sounds Messy (And Probably Will Be) But There Are So Many Great Reasons To Get Your Kids Outside And Get Their Little Hands In The Soil.

Super Rad Mama @Jadefetterolf Shared Some Adorable Pictures And Shared How Getting In The Garden With Her Little One Created Fun Summer Memories And Provided A Lot Of Enriching Experiences For Both Of Them.

When Little Ones Help You Garden We Bet The Plants And Veggies Won’t Be The Only Things Growing!  Here Are Some Of Our Favorite Reasons For Getting Little Ones Involved In Your Gardening.

  • A little fresh air and sunshine is honestly something we could all use a little more of - Taking a break from screen time to be outside with your kiddos and slow your pace a little is quality bonding time both of you will remember!

  • Hands on sensory experiences are perfect for your preschool age kids. They are constantly learning and exploring the environment around then and building knowledge from experiences that we might find simple. When gardening get children to feel, see, hear and smell what is happening around them. Getting their hands a little dirty, carfully repotting seedlings, making splashes as they water thirsty plants, the smells of strawberries at the different stages of growth- there are enriching experiences in your garden are endless.

  • It teaches patience to toddlers that are just discovering self-regulation. Good things take time. Little seedlings becoming flourishing plants are the perfect object lesson for your toddlers to learn that some of the best things can’t happen instantly. They will excitedly and patiently have to wait for their plants to grow everyday checking  to see the incremental progress made.

  • They will want to eat their veggies! Gardening with your kids gets them excited about the food they are growing and that means getting them to eat their veggies isn’t such an uphill battle. When they see the (literal) fruits of their work they will want to try them! And bonus Garden fresh veggies are even yummier!

  • Gardening fosters accountability and responsibility as core values for growth. They will feel invested in their little buds and be excited to take care of them and this is a great teaching opportunity for parents about these principles.

There Are Plenty More Reasons But These Are Just A Few Of Our Favorites. We Hope It Inspires You To Get Your Little Ones Planting! Thanks Jade For All The Adorable Pics

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