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Meet Alyssa & Ashley

Hey Hunnies!

We are Ashley & Alyssa- the sisters behind Sunnie Hunnies. We wanted to take a minute to introduce ourselves! We are two girls who love nothing more than a long, sunny beach day with our family. We are really into burritos, our doggies and super squishy babies (in no particular order). We think kindness is really important-so is sunscreen!! We’re suckers for a cute swimsuit. We’re super inspired by playful color palettes and groovy prints you might find in your grandma’s house. And last thing, we’re really grateful for all of you...thank you for all of your orders, comments, photos and for all of the love you throw our way. You have made our first summer in business outta sight and we can’t wait for what’s next! We have worked so hard building this little brand and are so glad you love it too!
xoxo Ash & Lyss