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Best Dog Treats EVER for the Beach and More!

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Okay friends we just needed to hop on and share one of our favorite new finds. 2021 has already been good to us! Both me and Alyssa own doggies and we have been introduced to the BEST calming treats for dogs. The brand is called Happy Paws and it has already come in clutch several times this year for both of us.

So a little backstory… Alyssa owns a hyper Chihuahua Terrier mix and I own an Australian shepherd puppy. They are the best of friends and when together can be more than a handful because of it. When Lys and I are trying to get work done for Sunnie Hunnies, we give our dogs a Happy Paws biscuit to mellow out. Honestly, I have never found a calming treat for a dog that has actually worked the way I have wanted it to. I tried a brand from PetCo a few months back and it just knocked my puppy, Pancho, out for hours. Not the intention I was aiming for. CBD for dogs is actually good for dogs too! It not only helps mellow them out, but also is good for their bones and joints, helps keep their hearts healthy and can help with separation anxiety. These CBD dog treats are the best dog treats! I swear by it! They are worth the price too. My puppy is like a child to me and I want to only feed him things that are truly good for him. I hope I do not sound like a crazy dog mom! But I totally am, and I know it. Anyway, just wanted to share why I love these healthy dog treats that are beneficial in more than one. They are perfect as puppy treats or adult dog treats too. 




I also cannot wait until summer is here and we can take Pancho and Rilo to the beach again! I am even more excited to have these treats because they will be way less crazy.

What’s your vote? Should we do a puppy photoshoot in our baby swimwear? Maybe throw a girl’s bikini on Rilo? I think they would both rock it in a baby swimsuit!


We love you friends! Hope you are having a good year and found some happiness in this post and hopefully can get a bag of these CBD dog biscuits!

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