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Beach Essentials with @GenuinelyBex

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Meet Bex…

Rebecca Spencer, Bex for short, is a darling mom blogger and an avid Sunnie Hunnies fan! She is a work from home mama that keeps busy with her little 2 year old boy and another baby on the way! She calls sunny Florida home and is always at exploring new beaches. Being somewhat of a beach expert, Bex broke down for us her favorite list of essentials for a family beach day that she doesn’t leave home without!

Beach Packing List By @GenuinelyBex

  1. Sand-Proof bag, I love these net ones. Sand Shakes out of them easily, and they are great for using as a purse or re-useable grocery bag. We like to pick up trash and plastic off the beach too and these are great for collecting that too. I always keep a few on hand.

  2. Comfy Swimsuit for your kids. In order to last the whole day you need to invest in a swimsuit that will help the day go smoothly that is why we love our boys trunks from Sunnie Hunnies.

  3. A  light weight blanket to lay  and play on, towels hold more sand than these do!

  4. Straw hat, light weight and go with every beach outfit. Gotta protect that skin!

  5. Sunscreen, SunBum and BabyBum are our ultimate favorites! Reef Safe and smells like summer!

  6. Sun Glasses - of course!

  7. Lots of water- gotta stay hydrated!!

  8. Lots and lots of toys! Those sand castles won’t build themselves

  9. Snacks- especially fresh fruit

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